Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017, we won’t really miss you very much. As a whole you brought about fear to the

Handmade dark chocolates on a white plate with gold and silver leaves

people of otherwise stable nations, pain to the hearts of so many, and lies to ears and eyes seeking truth. Yet I will say with grace and dignity, “Goodbye,” as the door closes on so very much.

This year – despite your bitterness like the chill that wraps around us currently – we succeed in putting you to pasture with personal successes to back up our progress forward.

– quitting vices

– cleaning the toxicity of stale air and relationships with finality.

– international travel and big moves

– and a whole lot of unexpected, but big family changes to enjoy!

So, Goodbye 2017 – we bid you well, and now kindly take a leap to…

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