Happy Christmas Tidings and Many Blessings!

Happy Christmas Tidings and Many Blessings!

Cookies were found trailing up the chimney, and a breakfast of smoked salmon and bagels was waiting when an excited household rose for the first Christmas in the new home sweet snow bedecked home yesterday.

“It’s Christmas morning! Christmas morning is here!” Two new stockings are hung at the mantle now, new life stockings – reminders that we can step out of our past and into bigger hopes and dreams.

The packages this year were smaller, a doll Santa brought may not get too much use before it’s passed down, but the electronics will be used until they break – we’re at the phase that smaller packages with higher price tags are the trend – thankfully we have a chosen family that doesn’t value tip top trends as much as some and the value of the holidays are truly put on calm and cozy time together.

Speaking of together, this year was the first in nearly 20 that I did not succumb to the pressures of faux cheer and open my doors both literal and digital to those that I have time and time again been pained by. And you know what, dear readers?

It feels fantastic!

The holidays have been blissfully beautiful. Full of cookie decorating with friends we love and now live closer to, presenting of thoughtfully chosen gifts to new framily who we hold dear, hanging of new stockings at a new mantle, gingerbread house baking, list checking, and simple entertaining at home.

This simply IS fantastic.

Modest changes of closing doors certainly opens others, and for this I am so thankful.

In gratitude,


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