Tis the Season

Tis the Season for new traditions such as pizza before shopping and gingerbread house parties at school.

Since our move to smaller living spaces with the goal of experiencing bigger vistas we’ve consciously chosen to edit the traditions that didn’t seem to hold any value to our lives. For example – perhaps it sounds brash – but I personally found our family* tradition of making a chocolate chip and orange birthday cake for Baby Jesus that required a full rendition of the birthday song and blowing out of candles a bit ridiculous and blasphemous to boot.

That said, small, tender traditions without the pomp and circumstance are the new way here at the Modestly. Kiddos in our house are gifted new pjs on the final night of Hanukkah to wear through Christmas Tidings season, as they see fit.

After the tree is decorated and lit, as it was tonight, I make my “world famous hot chocolate” (as per HJ,) and we each take mugs full, go outside to the frosted brick lined sidewalks and peer into our building here in the city to spy our beautiful tree.

Then I take a moment to look around at the beauty of the lights, the nodding neighbors, the chattering busyness of it all and breathe relief at the bustle – for THIS choice I have made to change it all is the best new tradition either big or small.

To each of you choosing to live your authentic life with compassion and pride, I thank you.


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