Who ARE You? 10 facts about me…

Who ARE You? Although I’m a rather open book, this question has been posed many times because I often keep quirks private. Well, dear readers, I give you a random 10 fact list about me!

1. I enjoy antique hunting, and I have since I was a child. I mean, I absolutely ADORE it, and not in a passing fancy passed down by Family of Origin way – I truly love unearthing treasures and doing my best in my little pocket of life to put history in the satchel of respect it deserves.

2. I often times wake up in the middle of the night to sleep. I’ve been told this may be a PTSD thing, but I’ve also been told it’s a Neuro fluke thing. I’ve also convinced myself that sleep eating is normal therefore I’ve stocked a cupboard with easy to reach, easy to clean the detritus of in the morning snacks. Yeah… I need to head to a sleep specialist, I know….. but, it’s been going on for 30 years, so I’m a bit apathetic about the reasoning.

3. I can be OCD about cleaning, but a total slob about tidiness. Yeah, ponder that point.

4. My favorite scents are cedarwood, bergamot/citrus, and jasmine. I’m also a fan of just plain old neutral air.

5. I’m not a huge pet person, only because I’ve seen so many through their life cycles that my heart is a little weary for new ones. I may take this back soon though.

6. I sew! A lot! More than straight lines and mending holes, LOL. I’m self taught, therefore not very technical, but the clothes stay together, and it adds to our quirky fashion sense as a household.

7. I can’t stand my first name.

8. My oldest kiddo thinks my spirit animal is a porcupine. Why? “You’re so protective and you’re small.” “Or, maybe an elephant because they’re smart.”

9. I’ve had photography of mine in national juried exhibits.

10. I could eat pumpkin pie for breakfast every season of the year! It was the one major thing I craved when I’ve been pregnant, no matter what. Nothing else extreme – just pumpkin pie.

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