Mama’s Edition – Top 10 Modestly Priced Gifts – 10 under $10!


Mamas Edition Top 10 Under $10 Gift List!

Whoever says you couldn’t gift give luxury on a budget?

by Elzie

With the ever-present end of year bills piling up and a family birthday adjacent to the holidays, I thought it prudent to pare down the gift giving this year and make a Top 10 under $10 list. We are here to help you live Modestly and love your life boldly, right?

Yes, DIY gifts are great, but here are a few retail luxuries for Mama’s in Mind with price points that hover around the Venti latte and a scone threshold. Enjoy!

And speaking of… A Venti Latte and a Scone is a pretty swell Mama-centric gift in itself, doncha think?

1. Soothing Peppermint Foot Balm – $10

This is delightful for sore, achy feet and would be a sweet gift packaged up with a few pairs of fuzzy socks from the Target Dollar Spot! Throw in a DIY eye mask (tutorial to follow) and homemade candle – you’ve got a spa for about $15 total cost! No need to hire a sitter!

2. Rhinestone Hedgehog Earrings – $1.34

Yup. These cuties are less than a cup of drip coffee, forget the venti latte analogy! These would be precious packaged up with a large scarf or wrap – I would have adored being gifted a bit of extra sparkle when I was nursing to coordinate with one of the many pashminas I had collected.

3. Kindness is Power Tote – $5

This tote is a great reminder to all when frazzled nerves, colic, and hormones may be taking over any new Mama around the holiday season. Gift, give, keep?

4. Flowers – for real… Mama deserves frivolous – $10

Whether a hostess gift or simply a holiday hello gift from afar, the sweet, beautiful gesture of already arranged and ready flowers is one that nearly every Mom appreciates.

5. Billie Jean Yarn – $8.50

If your Mom giftee is into crochet, knitting or other slow-down time fiber arts, order her some Billie Jean yarn – it does the earth good!

6. Fresh Leaves Tea Infuser – $3.40

A cozy cuppa with an adorable infuser makes any sleepless night less stressful. Pair this with a few ounces of your favorite loose tea, and perhaps a personalized mug (yet another tutorial to follow soon!) and you’ve got a sweet gift ready for about $10!

7. Paisley Print Easy Earth Mama Top – $2.99

Yes, this another crazy steal of a deal! This incredibly flattering, put-it-on-as-soon-as-Spring-is-here tunic top is only $2.99 while available.

8. Pink Flowers Case for iPhone – $3.15

I really wish there were these types of cute cases for cellphones when I had my first little one. I ended up settling for a bright green otterbox type thing, as that was seriously one of the only types available. How cute is this?!

9. Huckleberry Letterpress cards – $4

I love this company and I have a giveaway coming up soon for a few of their items I purchased on a laughter induced high at an artisan mart last month. I want to share the love of Huckleberry Letterpress, and millennial moms seem to adore these as well!

Check out a few of their items here.
2017 Holiday Gift Idea Huckleberry Letterpress

10. Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Oatmeal Bar – $8

So yummy smelling it seems edible! This is soothing and smoothing, and a sweet gift for lots of giftees.

Do you have any suggestions for great “under $10” luxury on less style gifts for Mamas? Please write in the comments below!


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