Diamond or dud? “Up to 50% off your first order on Wish”

Download the Wish app and use promo code:


on your first order to get up to 50% off! 

Get the app here: https://wish.com/dl

Ok, I’m not one to plug randon apps, so you know this HAS to be good! I was skeptical at first about Wish, but – I just ordered loafers for $8 (!!!) to replace the ones I had worn through to the floorboards AS well as a new set of oil paints and brushes for about $6 – TOTAL! And this was without a 50% off deal!!

wish logo.png

I thought shipping would kill me, but no – flat rate to our city wasn’t bad at all! This isn’t Amazon Prime in terms of speed, but it’s great none the less!

Take a look. Nothing to lose.

Diamond, not dud.

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