the Modestly Adventures – Travel Tip #2 – Check your debit card for Reward Programs!

For REAL…. Who knew that in my efforts to have “no credit cards to live modestly,” (but also due to a raging, ongoing identity theft of my personal info – to be discussed at a later time) I would reduce debt and STILL be able to rack up some impressive travel points.

How did I find this out? By poking around on my credit union website and into the little known Scorecards Rewards program! It seems that quite a few credit unions (and perhaps banks too, but I’m not sure,) participate in points programs associated with Member debit cards!

Kiddo at the Shoreham

Mine were redeemed for our staycation in Midtown. I could have put what points I had garnered towards jewelry, New kitchen gear, luggage or the like – but it turned out I had enough for a luxury hotel room and some activities to go along with it. I don’t need point-purchased kitchenware – I needed a break from routine!

And, we certainly got that – using a program I didn’t even know about until I’d racked up LOTS of points through everyday activity but WITHOUT the credit card debt so typical of “cash back” or “travel point perks!”

Hotel bed jumps

Anywho… it was dandy, and you should check out your own debit card policies and perk programs if you haven’t already done so!

Cheers to happy adventures,


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