Staycation Sensibilities – Our Adventures on a budget!

To enjoy and explore your own region first is a stepping stone to successfully traversing bigger travel adventures, in my humble opinion! Hence Hazel Jane is not a world traveller yet, nor am I. Granted we’ve been out of the country a few times, Hazey valiantly trying her tongue at speaking her homeschooled French, but to nowhere extremely exotic, as family friends were hosting always, and the familiar cocoon of known faces kept us from feeling out of place.

Well, we are headed for an educational staycation just so we can feel the thrill of visiting places unknown (to us) – although no language challenges should present themselves. And as this is the Modestly – we’ve used travel points and discount programs to foot the bill for all but 1/8th of expense!

Our overnight bags are packed, and hour long metro passes are always ready. We will update from the vistas soon and with the ways we accomplished the adventure!

Beacon South Beach Hotel - Oceanfront Rooms & Breakfast

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