Yelp cash back program! Just for eating out?!

Yeah, it’s true… and I read that it’s easy. Who knew that Yelp offered 10% cash back at participating establishments just for dining out? And the way that Yelp explains it, the process is simple.

You simply link your debit or credit card to your Yelp account, and you’re good to go.

Or ARE you? (insert cynical looking chin-holding squint here)

I have no experience with this yet, and the reviews online seem mixed. Generally speaking, it seems that you need to live in a city that boasts a rather robust Yelp scene for much of a choice – all restaurants don’t take part/qualify, and the choices are limited.

Also, a lot of Yelpers brought up the card security issue, and I can imagine that privacy is an issue that also could potentially be in jeopardy. Does anyone happen to remember the stink a few years back about Yelp allowing brands to buy back any bad reviews? I certainly do, and to me – no matter what the insight is that fellow Yelpers offer to an establishment – I simply can’t erase that memory of deleted reviews that made the news.

I will say though – for the sake of research, I’m starting on the Yelp Cash Back train this week. As we don’t eat out too often (living the Modestly mission, and all) I’m not quite sure how much of a return in funds I’ll receive. But, it seems like a great marketing plan – engaging Yelpers and incentivizing them into eating out (and hopefully reviewing and documenting their adventures, of course.)

I will keep you posted on my experiences with it.

Now, as for you, dear readers – has anyone tried out this program? It launched late 2016 – perhaps one of you has some feedback on the feedback site deal? Is this program a Diamond or a Dud?

Happy deal hunting,

Anne Marie

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