“Well, what can you do in your sleep that you enjoy?”

“Well, what can you do in your sleep that you enjoy?”

That was the question posed to me as I stood at a bustling crossroads of my busy life. I was the sole breadwinner of my little family, a single parent with little living family support, and the field in which I had been working shifted – my position was eliminated shortly after I had a vasovagal syncope episode behind the wheel of my car – and I was suddenly not allowed to drive or travel due to medical restrictions. My car was totalled anyway, and the miles had rendered it near useless pre-accident due to work travel. I had also just ended a relationship – the first new relationship I had ventured into in a decade, and that changed the plans for me and my mini to relocate to more accommodating pastures.

My world was seemingly falling apart. The job loss, the automobile accident, the unexpected scramble for downsized housing in the high-priced but stagnant city we had planned to move away from – my body was at near breaking point and I needed to reflect inward and understand why.

Stress from chasing dreams of a lifestyle that went against my core beliefs was the root cause of my physical symptoms that manifested so clearly. I was not living my authentic purpose, and I was sacrificing my personal morals in an effort to what, “fit in?” Was I on a mission to buy more “stuff” to simply “keep up with the Jones/Smiths/Millers.”

My inward reflection mirrored back oftentimes painful truths: I had been chasing what was good on paper so that I could be someone who I knew would never be satisfied in the field I had fallen into. I was choosing the path of commercialism and trends over the journey towards a well-rounded life. I was asked by a friend, a friend that I never knew in person, but only through my remote work environment that had shuttled me so unceremoniously the question that eventually spurred the creation of the Modestly, “Well, what can you do in your sleep that you enjoy?”

My answer, “I can pinch a penny until it cries and teach people how to get back to basics.”

No matter what big city I lived in, and no matter what executive level job I had, my talents have been solid in basic, homespun living. I’ve always lived modestly – and losing nearly everything was the wake up call that I answered – I live modestly, so that I can love boldly.

This site is devoted to that lifestyle mission – hopefully visitors here will learn through contributors and resource guides how to become more self-sustaining in a world that is uncertain: save money, unleash creativity, experience love and life vibrantly while appreciating the blessings that a changed perspective can bring forth.

Welcome, to the Modestly.

In gratitude,

Snowy hike
One of my favorite reflection spots when I visit the ADX, a perfect spot to slow down.

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  1. Happy to see your site live!!! I’m thrilled that you’re bringing this info online. Your writers rock and looking forward to seeing them under one roof!

    I’m forwarding this to friends – we need more sites like this that are about saving money, not just quickie so called ways to earn it.

    Urban homesteaders unite!

    1. We appreciate your support, Megan! We’re always seeking out fresh content and new contributions to the Modestly community. Feel free to sign up for our mailing list so that you can stay on top of the trend of living well on less with style!

    2. If Urban Homesteading is of interest to you, be sure to stay connected, Megan! That may be a subject highlighted next week! 😉

    1. Thank you, Rameesha! Please feel free to subscribe, and we’ll send you direct updates and future exclusive offers!

    1. The team appreciates your support, Yumna! Please feel free to check back in as we are growing the blog exponentially every day!

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